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The Muslim Jerusalem It is the Sura 17: of the Holy Quran that narrates the night journey of the Prophet Mohammad to Jerusalem. Archangel Gabriel led him to “the Remote Mosque” and then to heaven. In Jerusalem they met Abraham, Moses and Jesus. The Islamic religion marks this event in the Al Isra’ wal Miraj holiday. Mohammad praised Jerusalem as a Holy City in his teachings right from the early beginnings. According to the tradition, the Prophet Mohammad at first had turned his face to Jerusalem in his prayers, and turned towards Mecca only later. The Dome of the Rock practically dominates the sight of Jerusalem, and is considered to be the third holiest site of Islam, after The Ka’ aba stone structure and the Mosque of Medina. The holy Rock is right at the centre of the Dome. According to Islamic faith this rock signifies the center of the World and on this rock will God’s throne stand on the Day of Reckoning (Last Judgment). There is an impression on the Rock believed to be the footprint left by Mohammed as he leapt into heaven.


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