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Mea Shearim is a head's street. Jews welt in Israel. Ortodox man, end woman living  in Mea Shearim ultraortodox jews quarter. Street still life in Mea Shearim. . Meah Shearim, is one of the oldest neighborhoods in west Jerusalem, built by the original settlers of Yishuv haYashan and even today populated mainly by Haredi.
Ultraortodox Jews family. These a play Mea Shearim quarter in Jerusalem. Sabbat Shalom.   Whoman reading in front of the Book shop. Mea She'arim ultra ortodox of Jews quarter in Jerusalem,

Mea She'arim Quarter is home to the ultra ortodox of Jews, some so extreme in their views thet they do not recognise the modern State of Israel because it is not a theocracy. Here in the world unlike any other in Jerusalem, more reminiscent of the 19th century ghettos of Eastern Europe, a whole community leves, trying to avoid the march of time around them.

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